About Us


Our Philosophy

We recognize our oneness with the natural world, with other human beings, and with all of life. It is a common experience to find that immersion in nature leads to profound inward discovery while simultaneously expanding our sense of self far beyond individual awareness. 

There is transformation and healing to be found through time spent outdoors, and it is a healing that moves energetically through each of us into the greater consciousness of the world. Such encounters remind us at the soul level how deeply connected we are with all that is, That sense of wonder and belonging shifts our perspective toward wholeness.

Of course, it is important to realize that the reverse is also true. As we withdraw more and more from meaningful, face-to-face  human interaction and lose touch with the environment that sustains us - there is constant and increased common suffering. The declination of human health and well-being is a direct reflection and result of the degradation of planetary health and well-being. The solution to both is re-connection.

With all of this in mind, we want to bring together the visionaries and world-changers who know there is a better way to live in collaboration and harmony, and who intend to bring that vision to life in service to the world. We are a collective of individuals who are empowered and inspired to create a better future; doing our own inner work to be better members of the Earth - healing self to heal the world.

This is a space for Change Agents, Environmental Advocates, Peace Lovers, Makers, Growers, Healers, Sustainability Seekers, and anyone who resonates with these things and seeks to reveal a more beautiful world.


Member Collective

We are a collective of self-healers who are creating change in the world by transcending the broken paradigms modeled in common society; seeking instead to lead lives of connection, meaning, and well-being. We fully recognize that our individual and collective health is a direct reflection of the health of our planet, and vice versa. We aim to restore what has been lost as close human connection and regular interaction with the natural world has weakened. Click here to learn more.


Intentional Community

We are in the process of building and functionally equipping a large property where we are establishing an eco-village and retreat center. This community will be designed for sustainability, education, residence, retreat, and regenerative farming. Please subscribe to our bi-weekly newsletter if you would like to stay updated on this work. We truly appreciate the support and interest of others. If you would like to contribute to our efforts, please click here to donate.