About Us

Our Philosophy


We believe that outdoor adventure and inward discovery go hand-in-hand. We're always inspired by the stories people share with us about the transformation and healing they've experienced through time spent in nature. We've come to believe that such encounters remind us at the soul level how deeply connected we are with all that is; and that sense of wonder and belonging shifts our perspective toward wholeness. 

With all of this in mind, Anamaya Adventures builds retreats, sightseeing tours, travel, events, and excursions that aim to bring people back to nature, and create space for personal growth, mindfulness, holistic health, and ecological consciousness. We focus on wellness, renewal, and connection.

The Paths We Travel


  You will find us at Yosemite, Sequoia and Kings Canyon, Joshua Tree, Grand Canyon, Death Valley, or anywhere around and in-between. We spend most of our time in California, at times wandering into Arizona and Nevada.

Join Us On The Trail


Consider becoming a member to gather regularly with like-minded people for fun and health. We offer three different levels of membership in hopes of meeting a variety of needs and making membership accessible to all.